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Meeting Session with Toyota Vietnam and Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang branch (27/04)
Meeting Session with Toyota Vietnam and Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang branch

In the morning of Febuary 23th 2017, the union of Toyota Vietnam and Toyota Hiroshima affiliation in Tan Cang had visited and worked with HCMC Technical and Economic College (HOTEC in short). The purpose of this trip was to discuss and expand some cooperating program in training support for Automotive Body&Paint (T-TEP in short); also provide labour resources for Tan Cang branch.



Outlook at the meeting


With the purpose to support Automotive training institutes, increase technician’s labour skills and developing education quality, since 2000 Toyota had deployed the T-TEP program in vocational training schools. At first, T-TEP was carried out to sponsored material facilities and devices for teaching and training. Until 2010, a training support package had been added in Body Repairing and Painting (B&P T-TEP in short) in order to trained B&P techicians so that they can do the job immediately after graduated. This package content:


-         Training workshop followed TMV’s demand.

-         Material facilities sponsored by TMV.

-         Teching material provided and updated by TMV.

-         Teachers trained by TMV.


About the training program with B&T techicians, HOTEC opens 2 courses every years between March and August, 20 students per each, with some requirements such as: graduated professional imtermediate level or graduated high school and above. For the time being, HOTEC has trained 11 courses since 2010, with 150 students with labour skills providing for Toyota affilitations or others Automotive firms.


At the meeting, Toyota Motors Vietnam and Toyota Hiroshima in Tan Cang representative had agreed with HOTEC on some contents such as: providing training pratice workshops, opening listening courses for students and teachers, deploying encouraging study program,  organizing technical skills contest in schools and city, advising for HOTEC in training assignment; coperating with schools in speciaity seminars and technology updating.


After discussing, both sides all expressed their wishes to have followed meetings and looking forward to long – term cooperation in the future


Some photographs at the meeting:




Mr. Pham Thanh Hai – Dean of Mechanics Engineering Technology presenting souvenirs gifts for representatives of Toyota Motors Vietnam and Toyota Hiroshima in Tan Cang



Both sides taking photographs



Visting HOTEC training workshop.

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