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Closing Ceremony of LeX 2017 – Practical Experiences contributing a lot for community (17/10)
Closing Ceremony of LeX 2017 – Practical Experiences contributing a lot for community

After 12 days of exchanging - learning about Design Thinking, on September 20th, 2017, the Learning Express Program (LeX) collaborated by the Ho Chi Minh City Technical and Economic College (HOTEC) with Singapore Polytechnic (SP) had officially closed. The closing ceremony took place at HOTEC in joyfulness and regrets of all the students, with nearly 60 students participating in the program.Attending the ceremony there was the presence of the HOTEC Board of Rectors, facilitators from SP and representative of local authorities in Phu Hoa Dong Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City.



Overview of the ceremony

At first of the ceremony, students from SP and HOTEC presented their work at the village include mushroom, rubber and orchid. They have developed many useful methods to optimize the production process of the people, with the desire to help local people improve work efficiency and overcome difficulties in production.



SP and HOTEC students presenting their work



Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Teo Kian Hun – Facilitator of SP gave a deep thanks to HOTEC Rectors and representatives of local authorities, trade village for creating best conditions for students of SP, they had the opportunity to study, experience and understand more about the unique features in the culture as well as the people of Vietnam.


Mr. Teo Kian Hun speaking at the ceremony

On behalf of HOTEC, Mr. Pham Van Nhuan - Vice Rector also expressed his joy when the exchange program between HOTEC and SP achieved good results; Moreover, he hoped that the following cooperation between the two schools will be more successful and bring more practical contribution to people all over Ho Chi Minh City.


 Mr. Pham Van Nhuan expressing his thoughts at the ceremony

In addition, HOTEC Board of Rector and LeX Organizers handed over the certificates and souvenir gifts to facilitators and students who contributed a great effort during the program.



Mr. Pham Van Nhuan awarding certificates for students

The 12 days program, eating, studying and working together, HOTEC students and SP have learned more experience and useful knowledge. In addition, the friendship between SP students and HOTEC students in particular as well as the cooperation between SP and HOTEC schools in general is more and more stable, promising effective exchange programs for students of two schools in the future.


Other photos at the ceremony:



Mr. Teo Kian Hun awarding certificates for students who take part in the program



Mr. Pham Van Nhuan awarding certificates for excellent students of the program



Mr. Pham Van Nhuan presenting souvenirs for SP facilitators and coordinator


  The Board of Rectors, teachers and students from both HOTEC and SP taking group photos




Students learn the reality and exchange ideas  while working in villages          

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