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"Your Companion" Presentation Contest (03/03)

   With the desire to create a useful place for students thereby helping them to enhance skills such as teamwork, communication, resolving situations, ... In the morning of 5/12, Faculty of Law Education – Life Skills with Communist Youth Union held a presentation contest with the theme "Hanh trang cung ban," in 2015.

   The teams perform themes given by the Organizing Board in the form of presentations based on thinking diagrams, posters, theater, ... in a period of 10 minutes. Content contest revolves around the theme of love of country, national traditions, especially the hot issues of today's society such as using fake diplomass/certificates, online communication culture, live views on love, marriage, ...



   Mr Nguyen Thanh Phong - Vice Dean of Law Education – Life Skills Faculty, Head of Examiner Board said: “Although this is the first time the contest was held, it attracted the attention of a large number of students. More than 10 teams participated and they expressed confidence, the deep in their views on current social issues. In his opinion, presentation skill is important soft skill for students not only in the learning process but also very useful in future work. With the results of the competition, the organizers will continue to grow in size and quality in the next school year.



   According to a recently study of the basic skills in the work of The US Department of Labor and The American Society of Training and Development, Presentation Skill is one of 13 basic skills needed to succeed on the job.

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