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King Hung Anniversary in 2016 (05/05)
King Hung Anniversary in 2016

     In the morning of April 15th, 2016, Ho Chi Minh Technical and Economic College held incense-offering ceremony in honour of ancestors, the Hung Kings, with the participation of school leaders, teachers, and more than 600 students.



     The solemn ceremony took place to show the gratitude to Hung Kings who had established the country and to the ancestors who had against invaders. This is annual activity in educating students national tradition:“When you eat a fruit, think of the man who planted the tree"; as well as to honour spiritual and cultural values of Vietnamese.




At the ceremony



     At the ceremony, Mr.Pham Duc Khiem – Rector had a speech to memorize Hung Kings effort and to review the history. After the speech, he hoped that the school would inherit and develop the tradition to make the school better.




Mr. Pham Duc Khiem at the ceremony


     Some pictures at the ceremony:




School leaders performed the incense-offering ceremony




Teachers performed the incense-offering ceremony




Students performed the incense-offering ceremony






Students show in the ceremony



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