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MoU Signing ceremony between HOTEC and Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company (07/07)
MoU Signing ceremony between HOTEC and Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company

     With the purpose to build training programs closely with social realistic demands, create opportunities for students to practise skills in order to meet enterprises’s needs after graduation and help companies in grasping quality human resouces. In the morning of June 12th 2017, Ho Chi Minh City Technical and Economic College had organized MoU signing ceremony with Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company. Attending the session there are HOTEC’s Board Rector, Ms Nguyen Thi Le Giang – Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company R&D Director and Heads from related Departments.


    This ceremony is a milestone of HOTEC in collaborating with enterprises. Besides, in the process to become a major and advanced college all over the region, signing this ceremony is necessary to raise training and ensure the output’s quality.


     Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company is founded in 1960 with the name “Far East Rubber Company Union”. Throughout periods of time with different names, in May 2nd 2005, this company was privatized, begin operation under the current name. Rang Dong Company always improve their servies to serve customer, that’s the reason why they are one of the most succesful and a well – known distributing company in domestic. The plastic complex and imitation leather products are their main force materials that many businesses like. This company had connection with HOTEC in the past, and with that spirit, they want to tighten the connection by signing an MoU between School and Enterprise.


     Through linking among teaching activities, R&D in HOTEC with praticse researches of advancing, manufacturing, business of enterprises, contributing in knowledge and skills’s quality ensurance when take part in internships. The details of this MoU mainly focus in:


            1. Enable school’s teachers to visit and training at the enterprise.

            2. Support for college’s pupils and students visit and practice;

            3. Obtain students to intern before graduation

            4. Obtain students to work after graduation.

            5. Take part in teaching and training skills for students.


     HOTEC’s role is create well – trained human resources following business’s needs. School also supports in training students, improve their English and informatics skills.


     Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Pham Duc Khiem – HOTEC’s Rector gave his sincere thank for Rang Dong Company. He also stressed in the purpose of this MoU is improving traning skills, meet the social’s current needs.


     The signing ceremony took place successfully, marking an important milestone in the strategic training collaboration between HOTEC and the enterprise. This promises opening up more job perspective opportunities for HOTEC students after graduation.



Some other images at the ceremony:




Representatives of both sides signing the MoU





The signing ceremony was held successfully.




School's Board presented flowers and souvenirs to representatives of Rang Dong Company




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