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Opening Ceremony of Design Thinking (LeX), 2017 (19/10)
Opening Ceremony of Design Thinking (LeX), 2017

     In the morning of September 12, 2017, HCMC Technical and Economic College (HOTEC) in collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic (SP) held the Opening Ceremony of LeX Design Thinking program for students. Attending the ceremony there was the presence of the Board of Rector, facilitators of SP, teachers, Head of faculties and nearly 70 students participating in the program.






Overview of the ceremony



     LeX is an academic exchange program that connects students from countries with diverse backgrounds. In the program, students of HOTEC and SP will learn about the method of Design Thinking, deeply argufy, to the subject’s root, which is used throughout the program. Students participating in the program not only have the opportunity to develop academic skills and soft skills but also contribute a small part to the sustainable development of the community.



     With the "Design Thinking" method, after experiencing and learning in villages, students will discuss together to find solutions to help local people improve the quality of their work, improving labor productivity as well as product quality.



     This year, students of HOTEC and SP will be able to visit and learn about 3 trade villages in Phu Hoa Dong commune, Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City. They are mushroom village, orchid village and rubber village. Speaking at the Opening Ceremony, Mr. Pham Duc Khiem – HOTEC Rector expressed his pleasure to welcome and coordinate with SP facilitators in the LeX Program. This will achieve many successes and through that, bring many practical contributions to people in Cu Chi district in the coming time. 




Mr Pham Duc Khiem is giving a speech at ceremony


The program is scheduled to take place in 12 days (from 11/09 to 22/09/2017) and closing on 20/09/2017.



Some other photos at the ceremony




Mr. Teo Kian Hun – SP Facilitator giving a speech at the ceremony



Mr. Pham Duc Khiem presenting souvenirs to SP Facilitators



Representative of SP expressing feelings when take part in the program



HOTEC student expressing feelings at the ceremony



HOTEC and SP delegation taking photos




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