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Board of Rectors (17/06)



Main responsibilities



Master Phạm Đức Khiêm

School Communist Party Secretary


 * Responsibilities:

- General managing, account holder

- In charge of Human Resources, Planning - Finance, Training and Emulation - Commendation.

- Directly In charge of following Departments: Academic Affairs, Office-Pesonel Division, Finance-Planning,  Workshop Center, Foreign Languages Center, Informatics Center


 * Contact:


Master Phan Văn Thanh Cần

School Communist Party Vice Secretary

Vice Rector

 * Responsibilities:

- In charge of Communication – Broadcasting, Teachers Union, Ethical affairs

- Chairman of following Boards: Facilities Purchase and Liquidation of property, equipment – machines.

-  Directly in charge of Departments of Students Affairs,  of Premises- Facilities Administration,  Faculty of Politic Study, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Department of Law and Life Skill Education, Department of National Defense - Security Education , Department of Physical Education

 * Contact: 

Master Phạm Văn Nhuận

Vice Rector 

 * Responsibilities:

- In charge of Scientific Researches, International Relations and Cooperation fields

- Chairman of Board of Repair -Amending Facilities.

- Directly in charge of Department of International Relations and Cooperation,  Department of Scientific Researches, Faculty of Mechanics Technology, Faculty of Electric-Telecommunication ELectronic Technology, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Finance – Accountancy , Department of Business Administration

  * Contact:


Master Huỳnh Thanh Ngân

Communist Party member

Vice Rector

* Responsilities:

- In charge of Inspection – Quality Assurance, Security field.

-  Chairman of Council of Acceptance Purchase and  Repairs.

- Directly in charge of Department of Educaiton Inspection, Communication Centre, Faculty of Tailoring - Fashion Design Technology, Faculty of In formation Technology, Clinic, Stake Holders.


 * Contact:


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