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Introduction of Department for International and Corporate Affairs (15/12)

I. Introduction

Advising and helping HOTEC Board of Rectors with the ideas’ compilation, implementation and administration concerning co-operation as well as developing domestic – international partners. Advising on the implementation of such contents stated in Article 36, 37 of this Regulations, The responsibilities are as follows:


II. Mission


1. - Planning and carrying out HOTEC’s projects, effectively exploiting co-operations with domestic training, research institutes and international organizations.

2. - Coordinating with organizations to polish the School’s brand. Translating relevant documents on relations and co - operations

3. - Planning international cooperation projects: drafting MoUs, arranging signing, doing follow-ups, periodical assessing and finalizing them. Organizing academic exchange activities, seeking foreign support resources and scholarships for staff, lecturers and students.

4. - Doing preparations for HOTEC Board of Rectors in working with foreign partners.

5. - Organizing work visits by  international delegates as well as HOTEC’s visits to partners. Helping with visa’s procedure.

6. - Co – operating with others departments to expand international relations in training and research fields.

7. - Seeking for domestic – international scholarships for staff, teachers and students, especially postgraduate ones for teachers.

8. - Arranging and interpreting for English medium conferences and workshops.

9. - Carrying out other assignments assigned by the Rector

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