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Congratulations to the recent graduates of 9th course (04/11)
Congratulations to the recent graduates of 9th course

     In order to help the new comers get on well with the college environment promptly, in the morning on Oct-07, 2016, the ceremony to welcome new graduated students of 9th course was organized in the HOTEC. Attending the ceremony, there were the rectors, the teachers, the heads of units, CVHT and 1000 recent graduates of 9th course.




The eventful atmosphere in the ceremony


     In the ceremony, the participants had many feelings. The art performances were eventful. The students feel thrilling about the Rector’s advices. The representative of students stated what he thought about the academic environment. Especially, the solemnity of handing the traditional flag was very grave. In this moment, the graduated one understood not only the commitment of the teachers but also the enthusiastic supports of the formers. At that time, they felt more mature, responsible and confident on the way to mark a good point in the school’s training history.





Solemnity of handing the traditional flag


     In the new school year, overcoming the shyness they felt eager and dotted. In the speech, the college’s representative expressed the happiness when he welcomed the new graduated one. At the same time, he believed them so much who would mark a good point in the school’s training history.




Mr. Phan Van Thanh Can – the Vice Rector stated in the ceremony.


     Beside, the valedictorians of the national high school exams were received more than 20 scholarships.



Mr. Pham Van Nhuan – the Vice Rector conferred the scholarships for the valedictorians.



Mr. Phan Van Thanh Can – the Vice Rector handed the scholarships for the valedictorians.


    In the ceremony, on the behalf of the new comers, the student Ngo Thi Thu Phuong of 16CĐKT05 class and Do Thanh Truc of 16CD9TH02 class expressed the happiness and joy to become the students of the HOTEC. They promised to study hard so that they would have the top achievements to deserve the expectation of the parents and the teachers.




The representative of students expressed her thoughts.


     Besides professional training, the inter-college programs were interested very much. By the way, the Calsouthern University in USA, one of among the international partners, organized the advisory day for the students about the Business Management training program as well as the conditions to study abroad and to learn the exchange training program at school.



The Professor Mr. Pattrich Doan – Calsouthern USA University consulted the students about the Inter-College Training Program.


    All of the officers, teachers and staffs wished the new comers a successful learning course in the HOTEC. The students would become a solid and united team. The future success would base on their current achievements.   


Other photos of the ceremony: 



The student representative offered the beautiful flowers for the teachers, the Head and Vice Head of the departments.





Some art performances in the ceremony


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