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The Anniversary of Teacher’s day 34th (06/12)
The Anniversary of Teacher’s day 34th

     In thousand years, the Vietnamese people have had a valuable tradition which is handed down and developed in the country history. That is “To venetrate teacher and morality and gratitude is the sign of noble souls. In the morning of Nov-19, 2016, the Ho Chi Minh city Technical and Economic College organized solemnly the anniversary of Teacher’s day 34th , from Nov-20, 1982 to Nov-20, 2016. Attending the ceremony, there were Mr. Ngo Thanh Luong – Deputy Secretary of District 6; the Chairman of District 6 People’s Committee; Mrs. Nguyen Thi Khanh – the Partisan of the Party Committee of Ward 11, District 6 and the teachers and staffs.  






The scene of the ceremony


    In August-1954, the Charter of Teachers was promulgated by the Féderation International Syndicale des Enseignants (FISE). In August-1957, the International Meeting of the Teachers in Poland has chosen the day 20 – November every year that is the International Charter Teachers Day. In Viet Nam, the day Nov-20, 1958 became the first day of the International Charter Teachers Day. After 24 years, in Sept-28, 1982, the Council of Ministers has enacted the Designation to take the day Nov-20 yearly becoming the Vietnamese Teachers Day Anniversary. For 30 years, the day Nov-20 has actually become the People Festival and is celebrated solemnly in all over the country.         


      At the ceremony, Mr. Pham Duc Khiem – the Rector of the college reviewd the tradition of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day in 33 years. Besides, he emphasized that the teachers always were the noble representative who emblemed the wisdom and talent of the society. That’s why, the society always respected  the teachers and teaching career. Moreover, he stated the best wishes for the officials, teachers and staffs. Then, he glorified the good results which the teachers and students achieved; for examples: the overcoming difficulties; the active creation in works; the management innovation; the growth of educational quality; the excellent performances in teaching and learning and the high quality of human resource. Furthermore, he said thanks to the departments and unions from center to local, the enterprises, the teachers and the former students. They contributed and supported enthusiastically for the college. He hoped that the the school would be get these supports in the near future in order to contribute to the development of the HOTEC.         



Mr. Pham Duc Khiem – the Rector reviewd the tradition of Teacher’s Day 


    In last year, among 8 units in Ho Chi Minh city, the HOTEC was honorably the leading unit of the competition movement 2016-2017 which was organized by the Department of Education and Training. Besides, it was received the merit of Excellent Labor Collective by the HCMC committee. In the anniversary, Mr. Ngo Thanh Luong – the Deputy Secretary of District Party Committee and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Khanh – the Party member of Party Secretary Ward 11,District 6 conferred the flag and merit for the school.   




The HOTEC was honorably received the flag’s  leading unit of the competition movement 2016-2017 which was organized by the Department of Education and Training and the merit of Excellent Labor Collective by the HCMC committee.


    The ceremony took place warmly and familiarly. By the way, the pedagogical collective reviewed the noble tradition of teaching carrer together. Furthermore, the college colletive honored the teachers who achieved  the excellent results in last year. This supported the love of job for the fresh teachers.   




In the year 2015-2016, Mr. Nguyen Huu Son – the lecturer of Department of Basic Science received honorably the souvenir medal “For the Teaching Carrer”. 

Representing for the leaders, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luong handed the merit and flowers for him.


Some other pictures in the meeting:



Mr. Phan Van Thanh Can – the Deputy Rector conferred the merits and flowers for the teachers who achieved the appellation of Grassroots Emulation Fighter 2015-2016.




Mr. Pham Van Nhuan – the Deputy Rector gave the compliments papers for the teachers who completed excellently the course of Branch Teaching by using the English.



Mr. Ngo Thanh Luong represented the leaders to donate the flowers for the teachers who finished the Masters Program in the past year






Some art performances were acted by the teachers and students of the HOTEC



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