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Political Activities and New Year Meeting – Year of the Rooster 2017 (23/02)
Political Activities and New Year Meeting – Year of the Rooster 2017

     After the Rooster Tet Holiday 2017 warmly and happy with family, in the morning of Febuary 4th 2017 (8th of Tet Holiday), Ho Chi Minh City Technical and Economics College had held the New Year Meeting at the school’s main hall to encourage all the staffs and teachers’s spirit, also hope that everyone will continue to put more and more efforts in order to gain success in their working position, contribute in making HOTEC improve day by day. Attend the meeting there are the College’s Board, Lieutenant – General Pham Van Dy, Communist Party and Millitary District 7 Comissar; Colonel Van Vinh Tuong – Deputy Chief of the Command District 7; Mr Pham Van Tung, Director of District 6’s Treasury; Mrs Pham Thi Chu Nien, Chief Accountant of District 6’s Treasury; Mr Tran Van Tu, Deputy Chief of Planning and Financial – Ho Chi Minh City Ministry of Education and Training and all the teachers and staff of HOTEC.




View of the meeting

     On the happy and exciting atmosphere of Tet Holiday, Mr Pham Duc Khiem – Ho Chi Minh Ministry of Education and Training Comissar – Communist Party Comissar – Rector of HOTEC has given his greatly New year celebrate with health, luck and success to all of the staffs and teachers. Especially, with the marvelous progress in several years, on behalf of the School’s board, Mr Pham Duc Khiem expresses his grateful to everyone for their efforts, also proposes some specific goals in order to accomplish the College’s mission which was build a qualified - international learning enviroment, replying the students, parents and social’s trust.


     Besides, Mr Khiem also stressed that the teachers and staffs need to improve more and more in their responsibility, uniting, sharing and learning from others faculties…, contributing in HOTEC’s improvement in the near future.



Mr Pham Duc Khiem is giving a speech at the meeting

     Acorrding to traditional customs, the College’s board also presenting red envelops to all of the staffs and teachers in the main hall as a lucky and palmy wishes to everyone. The meeting ended in warmly and happy, promising a new year with new successes.




Mr Pham Duc Khiem, College Rector is giving red envelops for staffs and teachers 

     Also in that morning, with the exciting atmosphere of new year 2017 and Communist greeting from everyone, according to the plan no 01/KH-ĐU signed in 16/01/2017 by Communist Party about holding the political activities on the 87th ceremony day of Communist’s establishment, 3/2/1930 – 3/2/2017, and giving news about the Vietnam’s islands and sea status. The Communist Party of HOTEC took place this activities to inform, increase the staffs and teachers’s acknowledge about the role, strategy position of Vietnam’s islands and sea in the career of building and protecting Socialist Republic of Vietnam. By that it will rise up the nation’s power, contribute in carrying out missions in economics associated with protecting our country’s sacred islands and sea by actions.



Lieutenant – General Pham Van Dy, Communist Party and Millitary District 7 Comissar is giving speech at the meeting



Mr Pham Duc Khiem, on behalf of the Collge is giving presents to representatives of Millitary District 7


The song “Khat vong tuoi tre” performed by Troupe of Millitary District 7 closing the meeting and political activities.


Some other photos:



Representatives of guest is giving red envelops to staffs and teachers




Some performances bringing happy and warmly atmosphere to everyone in the New year



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