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Deployment Conference of the Vocational Education Law in 2017 (23/02)
Deployment Conference of the Vocational Education Law in 2017

     In the afternoon of Feb-13, 2017, the HCMC Technical and Economic College organized the Deployment Conference of the Vocational Education Law in 2017 in order to evaluate rightly the reality and to find out the resolutions for the Vovcational Education Development in the current integration situation. Attending the conference, there were the presence of the Board of Rectors, the teachers, the heads of units as well as the Leaders Representatives of the Đien Bien Technical and Economic College and the Lam Dong Technical and Economic College.  


     The Vocational Education Law was appoved by the Congress in the 8th Congress Meeting session 8, and was operative from Jul-01, 2015. The Law included 8 chapters, 79 ordinaries, the right and duty of the organizations, the individuals attending the Vocational Education activities.




The conference scene

     Stating in the conference, Mr. Pham Duc Khiem – the Secretary of the Party Committee – the Rector of the college, enunciated comparing with the former law, this one had many new highlights which helped to solve the current inadequacies such as:


- Names of the Vocational Education Organizations: the Vocational Education Centers, the highschool and the college.


- There were 3 unified training levels such as: primary, intermediate and college.


- Training organization: heretofore, there was only one the annual training procedure, now there are 3 procedures: annual training, modules accumulation training, credits accumulation training. The vocational training premises have the right to choose the suitable training methods.


- Training time: intermediate training from 1 to 2 years for the pupils who have just graduated from the high school (they haven’t to learn the highschool cultutal knowledge if they choose only the career skill to learn. Besides, they have to learn the cultural knowledge if they continue to study the levels of college and university). For the primary training level, the training time is 3 months to less than 1 year, the real learning tine is minimum 300 hours.  


- Training programs: heretofore, according to the vocational training law, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, & Social Welfare promulgated the layout program for every intermediate and college level. Basing on that program, the vocational training premises issued the program in detail. Following the new law, there is not the standard program. The vocational training premises can build the training program themselves. The Vocational Training Center Organizations regulate the minimum amount of knowlwdge; the minimum capacity of learners after graduation; the creation process, the issuance and the expertise of training programs corresponding with every levels.  


- The degrees for learners: according to the law, the college students are qualified or have enough credits will be conferred the graduation degrees from the College Rector attaching the brand names of Practice Engineer or Practice Bachelor.


- Furthermore, he emphasized apart from the new highlights in the Law, the policies for the vocational training premises, the favorable policies to encourage the learners, the policy for teachers, the policy for vocational training enterprises had many changes following the advantage way and helped to develop the vocational training.



Mr. Pham Duc Khiem - the Secretary of the Party Committee – the Rector of the college stated in the conference

- In the conference, the teachers of other colleges discussed the law and contributed many ideas to find out many solutions to increase the education effectiveness that helps to create the qualified human resource for the society. 




Mr. Tran Dang Hai – the Rector of the Lam Dong Technical and Economic College stated in the conference

- Nowadays, Viet Nam attentds deeply the international environment. With the new Vocational Training Law, which have many innovative changes, the Viet Nam education will well integrate to many countries in the ASEAN area that helps to raise the Vietnamese HR status in the international environment.  

Some other pictures:



Mr. Pham Duc Khiem gave the sourvenirs for the Leaders of other colleges





The Board of Rectors took photos with the Representatives of colleges.


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