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Career Advisory Day – HOTEC OPEN DAY – 2017 (27/04)
Career Advisory Day – HOTEC OPEN DAY – 2017

Vocational Education is now playing an important role in social education system. This is the integral one which contributes in meeting the human resources’s needs. Facing the higher with every passing day in economic – social fields due to the developing and intepreting of the city, in several years, The Ho Chi Minh city Technical and Economic College has been changing and improving in methods, contents in order to increase training quality in School, and have a important part in training for staffs, meet the human resources’s needs in Ho Chi Minh city and provinces in the South of Vietnam. One of those is the vocational education activities, which is maintained decently. To give advise about carrers, working ability after graduation, orient learning ability, also guide pratical observing in classes, workshops to last – year students in secondary schools of nearby districts, help them get more information and learning options in the year 2017 – 2018. In the morning of March 25th 2017, HOTEC had organized the “Career Guidance Advisory Day – HOTEC OPEN DAY 2017” for secondary students. This activity had attracted over 3000 students from many secondary schools at Ho Chi Minh city.



The advisory session landscape


    Students were not only guided about admission terms but also provided about labour market, working requirements and learning courses, training programs, fees and scholarships…   


    In the other hand, the Advisory Board with experienced members such as Mentality Ph.D Nguyen Thi My Hanh, Ph.D Bui Hong Quan… had directly guided for students about careers matters, determined future jobs, choosed careers that suit their ability, hobits and personal conditions.



Mentality Ph.D Nguyen Thi My Hanh directly responding student’s questions about careers decision.



  Attended the feast – day there was Mr. Thomas Behagel – Vice Director of ASEAN region –  IECD and Ms Mihaela Chirca – Project Manager, together with HOTEC in creating more and more opportunities for careers advancing and improving student’s integrate ability. 



Mr Thomas Behagel is sharing some vocational training guilines for students


   Along with the activity, HOTEC also organized pratical visit for students to School’s training workshops in order to help them can imagine more clearly about HOTEC’s faculties and departments.


     In addition, Careers Advisory Day – HOTEC OPEN DAY 2017 that held in HCMC Technical and Economic College was a connection bridge for exchanging information between the School with students about admission this year.




Some other pictures at the festival:



Robotic Performances of Mechatronics Engineering Faculty students





Fashion Collection from Tailoring and Fashion Technology students


Secondary and High School which have co ordinate demand with HOTEC in careers guidance please contact Admission Office – 215 Nguyen Van Luong St. Ward 11, District 6 or call 19007190 for more information.  


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