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Opening ceremony training coure Kaizen for students (01/06)
Opening ceremony training coure Kaizen for students

     To equip for student have sense of discipline, style in industry, at once help student have some knowlegde about Kaizen,   5S in the field of Mechatronics and Automation as well as understanding imformation about study and job in Japan. In the morning, 13 may,2013 HOTEC college held opening ceremony training coure Kaizen for Mechanical Engineering Technology’s students with the guidance of Mr Juji Koyama- General Director of PMC Community JSC. Attending the ceremony was the presence of Mr. Pham Van Nhuan - Vice Rector of the school.





Outlook of the ceremony 


Kaizen and 5S are considered as one of the current effective solutions in quality management, improving productivity of Japan and have been successfully applied in many countries around the world. The application of Kaizen and 5S in production will bring hight productivity in labor and product quality for every company or business, unit or agency.

Nowadays, some business,  agencies are looking forward to the effective application of Japanese management methods to improve the quality of its unit. Following this training, Student of HOTEC will have the opportunity to better understand the benefits of Kaizen in industrial environments, especially Mechatronics and Automation. Besides, the knowledge about Kaizen also help them to make a sense of disciplinary, self- conscious, familiar with the method of continuous improvement, thereby, encouraging them to promote the creative abilities in the study as well as in the workplace later.


Some pictures of the ceremony





Mr. Nhuan- Vice Rector of HOTEC will speak at the ceremony




Mr Yuji Koyama_ General Director of PMC Community JSC will introduce about some benefits of Kaizen and 5S for student.





Mr Nhuan and Mr Yụi Koyama taking photos with students 





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